Plate Party Events

Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in hosting a Magnolia Creative Co. plate party. Below you will find the answers to all your questions about our plate party events. When you are ready to book a date or if you have any other questions, please contact us at

The easiest way to invite people to the party is to set up a Facebook event. Please add me as a co-host or invite me so that way I can be there to answer any questions and help with the count. I will provide Facebook graphics with ideas and pricing to help your guests as well as a Sign Up Genius link where they can choose their time and list what they plan to purchase. You can link to the Ceramic Trunk Show album from my Magnolia Facebook page
A final headcount and bisque estimate will be purchased will needed the Wednesday before the party date. 

For every 6 items (plates or platters) sold you get ONE ROUND OR SQUARE PLATE FREE! Platters count as 2 itemss

The prices of the hand and footprint pieces vary. Custom sizes and pieces are available upon special request and the order must be placed (contact me by email only, no Facebook messages) and paid for one week prior to the party.

11” round plates - $50 (1-2 hand/footprints for children 5 & under)
11” square plates - $50 (1-2 hand/footprints for children 5 & under) 
15” oval platters - $60 (Over 3 children or children older than 6)
Travel Coffee Mugs - $30 (1-2 hand/footprints for children 5 & under)

Within Shreveport/Bossier there is a nonnegotiable 10 plate minimum and the party cannot last longer than 3 hours without prior arrangement from me. Outside of Shreveport/Bossier (ex. Minden, Ruston and Monroe) there is a non-negotiable party minimum Minden (20 plates), Arcadia/Ruston (25 plates), Monroe (30 plates) and the party cannot last longer than 3 hours.

I understand that sometimes guests have things come up unexpectedly but if the party minimum is not met the hostess will be charged the difference. If the missing guests arrange for another meeting at my home studio to create their plates and meet the minimum the hostess will be refunded. The hostess will not receive the rewards until the minimum is met. If you are in South Louisiana or East Texas please contact me to discuss the party minimum rates.

Plates will be available for pickup at my home studio within 2 - 3 weeks for you to distribute to your guests. You must arrange your pick up time, I do not deliver the plates. I am happy to ship the plate or platter to the recipient (for ex. if it’s gift). This service must be settled at the time the plate is made so the appropriate shipping rate can be charged with the order.