2021 Birth Month Floral Calendar

$ 13.50 $ 18.00

    • Celebrate each month with flowers! Each month features an original watercolor illustration on the front of the birth month flower and its meaning.
    • Calendars are available in a hot pink and gold foil stamped gift box with gold easel and cards, tied with a green satin bow OR as a refill kit with cards only in a cello bag.
    • Calendar cards are 5.25" x 5.25" and professionally printed on smooth, bright white, heavyweight card.
  • 2021 Featured Flowers

    JANUARY: Carnation • Rebirth
    FEBRUARY: Iris • Faithfulness
    MARCH: Daffodil • Prosperity
    APRIL: Daisy • Blissful
    MAY: Lily of the Valley • Sweetness
    JUNE: Rose • Happiness
    JULY: Larkspur • Positivity
    AUGUST: Gladiolus • Imagination
    SEPTEMBER: Aster • Affection
    OCTOBER: Marigold • Creativity
    NOVEMBER: Chrysanthemum • Loyalty
    DECEMBER: Poinsettia • Hope

  • Calendars ships 2-3 days from purchase.