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Hi Y'all

Meet your happy hostess. With the strokes of her paintbrush and a splash of watercolor, Emily Welch created Magnolia Creative Co. to celebrate the welcoming spirit of the South. Raised in Baton Rouge and now living in Shreveport with her husband, two children, and dog, Emily wanted to pay homage to the unique spirit of the places she's always called home. Magnolia Creative Co. embodies her Southern roots and journey. We hope it'll encourage you to explore your own.

Our Mission
We believe in leaving heartfelt touches of charm, hospitality, and whimsy in all we do, so we create handmade goods that turn every day into a party. Good paper, an endless paintbox, and monogrammed anything are just a few our our favorite tools. We embrace life's little details—a handwritten note, a printed party invitation, a signature ceramic dish—because they help bring family and friends together. Laid back and fun as a sunset on the porch with a stiff cocktail, our art is cozy and colorful, with a little kick for good measure.

Magnolia Creative Co. has been featured in Parenting Magazine, 225 Magazine and many more print and online publications. Emily has created custom watercolors and illustrations for former first lady Laura Bush and her work has been shown in a juried art exhibition at Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport.

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